Summer in San Francisco – Beating the Heat

by admin on December 16, 2009

Some areas of San Francisco can get downright uncomfortable in the Summer. Depending on the topography and time of day, much of the city experiences direct sunlight or intense winds. Muir Woods National Park is the perfect escape from the ups and down of San Francisco weather. Since Muir Woods sits on land running up the coast, the air is generally mild and moist. The redwoods trap the cool air between their canopies and the ground, giving the park remarkably consistent conditions. It is generally temperate along the paths at Muir Woods, and not a lot of sunlight breaches the canopy.

Runners and hikers have it especially good in the park. As mentioned above, Muir Woods keeps conditions ideal for a good workout without the threat of sunburn or overheating. There are a couple of good loops and trails that cater to novice and experienced hikers alike. It can be tough to get into the park during peak hours of the busy season, but people don’t generally congregate in one place inside the gates. Muir Woods is very well maintained and the staff is always helpful, so if exercising there’s no feeling of vulnerability or danger. Some of the parks in San Francisco can be a little threatening, particularly the lush ones with shrouded corners and enclaves.


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