On the Beaten Path

by admin on December 16, 2009

Muir Woods National Park is one of the few places left where visitors can admire the coastal redwood trees that once dominated northwestern landscapes. The park is strictly regulated due to the sensitivity of its most iconic citizens and the commitment its staff holds to the trees’ preservation. When visiting Muir Woods, it’s essential to be extremely sensitive to the environment and human behaviors’ impacts on the the park. The trails that run through Muir Woods provide enough access to afford views of thousands of the redwoods. Straying from the tracks is prohibited and detrimental to the park’s ecosystem. Any individuals interested in additional access should look for volunteering opportunities that take them off the designated trail.

The trails running through Muir Woods are designed to represent half-hour, hour and hour-and-a-half loops. Some longer trails are integrated into this sytem that extend into other parks. Within the gates of Muir Woods, however, and on the trails exclusive to the park, there are absolutely no vehicles permitted. Additionally, there is no tolerance for picnicking, smoking or camping. Some of Muir Woods’ six miles of trail are occasionally closed for maintenance. The staff usually targets off-season months to undertake such repairs, though it’s a good practice to call or reference the website before a visit to ensure all loops are open and operational.


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