Lend a Hand

by admin on December 16, 2009

Muir Woods National Monument is one of America’s finest parks and a testament to environmental awareness. The programs run by Muir Woods staff are aimed to educate and inform visitors of the park’s environmental and historical significance. One way that visitors can go beyond the trails and towering trees is to volunteer. There are programs run year round for Muir Woods volunteers, ranging from clean-up to research. The Golden Gate National Recreation Area has one of the largest and most diverse volunteer teams within the National Parks System. It takes an army of volunteers to keep the park at its healthiest, monitoring human activity as well as changes in the animal population.

The jobs for volunteers at Muir Woods often take place deep within the park, off the designated trail. Staff will lead groups to remove plants that are not native to the park, collect data on species of plants or animals and refurbish some of the region’s historical landmarks. Volunteers often become educators within the park, responsible for providing information to the visiting public. Since the park offers educational opportunities through volunteering, Muir Woods draws a number of volunteers with a background in teaching or science. Volunteering at the park is an excellent way to use skills from the workforce as a form of community service. Volunteer opportunities change regularly and can be researched through the Volunteer Coordinator or the Volunteer Hotline. Contact information for each of these parties is available through the website or the National Park Service.


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