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Muir Woods National Park is a scenic national park, home to coastal redwoods, which are the largest tree species in the world. There is a vast, lively ecosystem within the confines of this park, providing visitors with an opportunity to view a range of unique plant and animal species up close and personal. Located just 11 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods National Park was declared a national monument in 1908.

It is home to an array of birds, plants and other forms of wildlife. Muir Woods National Park often hosts large groups of visitors and schoolchildren, all eager to learn about the various aspects of nature in a scenic environment. Moreover, this park offers unlimited opportunities to become educated about nature and the environment and the importance of conservation. The forest as a whole is somewhat dark and dense, making it easy for wildlife to be somewhat unseen. However, this is a bustling forest, full of creatures large and small, many of which are nocturnal.

Visitors can enjoy spending time in the Muir Woods National Park year-round, taking advantage of the mild northern California climate. Those wanting to get more involved in the inner working of maintaining the forest can explore the numerous volunteer opportunities, with a range of positions from working with educational groups to assisting with conservation efforts. Muir Woods National Park is one of the oldest and most breathtaking parks in the country and well worth a visit anytime you are in the San Francisco area.


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